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[Registration is opened!] Module#2 IMPULS Online Professional Development Course 2021

IMPULS is offering an international online course [series of 4 modules] for professional development of those involved in mathematics education. The course will provide a unique opportunity to examine the Japanese approach to teaching mathematics through problem-solving (TTP), a method developed by Japanese educators and diffused through Lesson Study. The course will use some elements of Lesson study itself, participants will learn key points applicable in every-day lessons. A certificate will be given for each module once all activities have been completed.




Module #2: Congruent triangles and quadrilaterals


*CLICK HERE to check the tentative schedule with different time zone for 3 runs below.

  • 1st Run   June 21-25, 2021
  • 2nd Run    June 28- July 2, 2021
  • 3rd Run    July 5-9, 2021

Tuition fee 

  • For individual participation: 25,000 JPY (230 USD)
  • For team participation (2 or more): 20,000 JPY (190 USD) / one participant
  • For observation: 8,400 JPY (80 USD) *No certification. Limited access to the course materials.


(1) Submit this registration form ; CLICK HERE!
      by June 16, 2021 for the 1st run(June 21-June25)   Closed
      by June 23, 2021 for the 2nd run(June 28-July 2) 
      by June 23, 2021 for the 3rd run(July 5 - July 9) 
(2) Receive confirmation email from IMPULS, with payment instruction.
(3) Pay tuition fee by PayPal or bank transfer by the due date.
(4) Receive the receipt and detailed instructions for how to access the materials for module#2.

Image of the digital certificate for the module #2



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are the contents and materials for 3 runs same?

A: Yes, all the lecture materials, lesson video and  contents of activities are the same. So please select only ONE “run" to join,1st run, 2nd run or 3rd run, depending on your preferred schedule and time to join synchronou activity by zoom. 

Q2: What are the differences between participant and observer?

A: Participants will be involved in 3 synchronous discussions lead by IMPULS facilitators and have chance to make comments and ask questions directly during the discussion. For those who submitted all assigmet by the due date will be certified. Observers will have limited access to the course materials and will just observe 3 discussions. Observation fee includes, access to watch the research lesson video and its lesson plan & post-lesson discussion video, and observe 3 zoom discussions. 

Q3: How many hours do I need to complete for each day?

A: Expected total time for each day will be; Day1:2-2.5hours, Day 2: 2.5-3hours, Day 3: 2.5hous, Day 4:1.5-2 hours, Day 5:1.5 hours. If you need a official letter to submit your school or department, please contact us. 

Q4: Are there any reruirements to apply as "team participation"?

A: To maximize your larning, we encourage you to join with your colleagues. To apply as "team participation", you need to participate with your colleagues, either in a pair or a group. During 5 days program, it is highjly reccomended to have local team meeting before submitting individual assignments. If you will apply as"team participation", please submit registration form by each participant and please clarify your team name in the registraiton form. 

Q5: What are new for the module 2 of this PD program ?

A: 1) Participants will get access to special video to watch from 3 view of the classroom. Whole class view with English subtitle, teacher's view and students' view. 2) Both participants and observers will get access to watch post lesson discussion video with English subtitle.


Information Upcoming Events
Date June 21-25, June 28-July 2, July 5-9

Host organization IMPULS at Tokyo Gakugei Univ.Explayground Institute

naoko-k@u-gakugei.ac.jp (Naoko Matsuda)

Project International Math-teacher Professionalization Using Lesson Study(IMPULS)