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Division with Remainders: Utilizing Remainders

Title Division with Remainders: Utilizing Remainders
Lesson Plan
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Revision number 1
Author(s) Sayuri Kasai
Date 2013.06.29
School University of Yamanashi Model Elementary School
Instructor Sayuri Kasai
Grade Elementary School G-3(9 years old)
Subject Math

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Introduction/Posing Problem The class has been doing recreational activities on Wednesday every week. The teacher show the students a diagram to decide what recreational activity students do each week. After the teacher help students understand how to use the diagram, she poses the following problem for the students. “We are going to do one of the four recreational activities every week in the order. What is the activity in the 26th week? Think about how to investigate it.”(6:28) movie
Solving Problem After the teacher pose the problem to the class, she asks each students to work independently to figure out what is the activity in the 26th week. While each student work on the problem the teacher observes how each student is solving the problem, consider in what sequence the various solution strategies may be shared and discussed, and provide appropriate support to individual students.(0:30) movie
Sharing/Counting After the students spend about 5 minutes of individual work, the teacher asks students to share what they have done. She asks a student who found the recreational activity in the 26th week by counting.(2:35) movie
Sharing/Table Students who use table to find the answer. Students find the method using the table makes it easier to find the answer, but still require too much writing.(3:31) movie
Sharing/Multiplication Students are eager to find the methods that can be done faster. Students report that the use of multiplication makes it faster and easier. The class explores the method using multiplication. At the end of the discussion some students start thinking that division may be used to find the answer.(7:57) movie
Sharing/Division Although many students have not thought about using division before, more and more students begin to understand the way to find the activity in the 26th week by using division.(5:10) movie
Extension Teacher fosters students understanding of the methods using division. She asks students to investigate what the remainder of the division actually means in this problem.(7:46) movie
Summary The teacher led the students to look back what they hove done. By asking the students to find the recreational activity in other weeks by paying attention to the remainder of division, teacher summarize that division can be used to solve this problem faster.(4:55) movie

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