This webpage provides the research products of the
"Project IMPULS" (2011-2022) at Tokyo Gakugei University.

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IMPULS Online Professional Development Course

This is an international online course [series of 4 modules] for professional development of those involved in mathematics education.The course will provide a unique opportunity to examine the Japanese approach to teaching mathematics through problem-solving (TTP), a method developed by Japanese educators and diffused through Lesson Study. The course will use some elements of Lesson study itself, participants will learn key points applicable in every-day lessons. A certificate will be given for each module once all activities have been completed. 

DAY1/Asynchronous activities  

(1) Watch a lecture video A:  An Introduction to teaching through problem solving (TTP)

(2) Watch a lecture video B:  To be ready for watching the research lesson

(3) Anticipating students' responses 

(4) List what to find out by watching the research lesson video 


DAY2/ Synchronous activity

(1) Discuss anticipated students' responses and points to find out by watching the research lesson video with IMPULS facilitators(60min)


DAY3/Asynchronous activities

(1) Read the lesson plan and make a summary of observation points.

(2) Watch the research lesson  (1st time)

(3) Write findings and learnings in around 500 words.


DAY4/ Synchronous activity

(1) Post-lesson discussion with IMPULS facilitators (60 min)


DAY5/Asynchronous activities

(1) Watch the research lesson video (2nd time).   

(2) Watch the post-lesson discussion video held at the school in Japan.

Project International Math-teacher Professionalization Using Lesson Study(IMPULS)