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" WALS-IMPULS Online PD Course " July 10-12, 2023

IMPULS (International Math-teacher Professionalization Using Lesson Study) has offered a mathematics lesson study immersion program in Japan for a decade, and recently began offering an online course.  Taught by Akihiko Takahashi and Tad Watanabe, the course is designed for local teams of up to 10 educators, including two representatives from each team who participate in the 6-8 hour synchronous course. The course immerses participants in a full lesson study cycle, focused on a “Teaching Through Problem-solving” style lesson. The two representatives in the synchronous elements work directly with the instructors and 30 synchronous course participants. 


The course will be held July 10-12, 2023 and the cost is $1000 per team for WALS members, with synchronous participation available for two members.  You can register by July1, 2023. Be sure to mention your WALS membership, since the rate for non-members is $1220 per team. 

●Team participation for WALS membership. $1000 per team     

Team participation for NON-WALS membership. $1220 per team     

Individual participation. $238 per person

Registration Process is as follows:
(1) Submit this registration form by July 1, 2023 

(2) Receive a confirmation email from IMPULS with payment instructions.
(3) Pay the tuition fee by PayPal or bank transfer by the due date indicated on the instructions.
(4) Receive the receipt and detailed instructions for accessing the online course materials.


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Date July 10-12, 2023
Location Online

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